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Bao Bin: Accelerate aviation and aerospace industry development

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2024-03-06 Print


Bao Bin, an NPC deputy from Guizhou province, suggests the creation of an industrial cluster for aviation and aerospace industrial components at this year's NPC session. [Photo/ddcpc website]

The 2024 Government Work Report recently released at the second session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) stated the need to promote the construction of a modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new productive forces.

Bao Bin, an NPC deputy from Guizhou and Party secretary and chairman of CASIC Jiangnan Group Co, was inspired by the report. He said that Guizhou has a solid foundation in the aviation and aerospace industry and possesses a strong foundation in key components, materials, equipment, and more.

According to Bao, the company has prioritized the rapid development of strategic emerging industries as a major task, sparing no effort to enhance the industry supply chain and creating an industrial basic component industry cluster with an aerospace focus.

Bao said that the group has built a "2+5+N" industry framework, with a focus on pillar industries and forming a supply chain from start to finish, revolving around new energy vehicles and special robots.

Pillar industries include high-end electrical connectors, precision sensors, special batteries, precision gear, and precision micro motors, fostering the development of numerous emerging industries.

Additionally, the company added 27 intelligent production lines and transformed 23 production lines to create demonstrations for smart manufacturing. The company aims to increase capacity by over 200 percent and productivity by over 100 percent and achieve an automation rate exceeding 70 percent.

Currently, the company is leading or participating in various collaborative innovation platforms, with 13 high-tech enterprises recognized, one national key laboratory approved for restructuring, one national enterprise technology center approved, and three national enterprise technology centers passing national operational evaluations.

In the future, the company will enhance the industry supply chain based on pillar industries and create an aerospace industry cluster for industrial basic components. It will also continue contributing to Guizhou's high-quality development.

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