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Introduction to the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education


The International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education has played an important role in guiding Chinese language teaching among various Chinese language teaching institutions such as Confucius Institutes and primary and secondary schools.


Candidate's photo


As for any test required to offer a photo, the preparation and use of photo shall be made according to the following requirements.


Articles carried for the test


On the test date, the test taker must carry the following articles to the test room.


Entry time and entry certificates


The test taker should arrive at the designated test room half an hour before the exam begins so as to avoid being late.


Break and exit


For special reasons that the test taker has to leave the test room midway, he/she should ask for permission from the examiner in charge of the exam.


Test room regulations


Each test taker must sit at the designated seat, and has no right to choose a seat.


Emergency handling


This article introduces the handling of emergencies of Chinese Testing International during the test.


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