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Guizhou in Foreign Eyes
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Indian engineer explores opportunities as city's sustainable footprint expands


It has been four years since Siddharth Suhas Pawar stumbled upon a job at a local artificial intelligence company in Guiyang after moving to the city.


An Italian photographer's journey in Guizhou


My name is Francesco Tobia, and I was born in Italy in 1982. ln 2009, at the age of 26, I moved to Guizhou province and have lived here ever since!


My life as an international student at Guizhou University


Italian student Elena has been studying Chinese for five years and had the chance to spend a semester at Guizhou University in 2018. She shared some fun stories with us about her stay in the province. Check out the video to hear them!


Intl youth exchange program launched in Guizhou


Guizhou Normal University in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently launched a series of lectures related to regional cultural characteristics as a sub-activity of the 2022 "Zhi & Xing Guizhou" Silk Road Youth Exchange Program (ZXG).


Canadian expat's journey in Guizhou


Yaacov Ben-David – the world's first scientist to discover the Fli-1 gene that causes leukemia and an antitumor pharmacology professor from Toronto University – was invited to deliver lectures in Southwest China's Guizhou province in 2012.


Intl students experience Guizhou's traditional culture


Anshun Technical College in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently held a two-day cultural experience activity and invited more than 30 international students from Guizhou University.


When an American family meets Dong ethnic group


Southwest China's Guizhou province is home to various ethnic groups, including the Dong ethnic group.


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