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Neo-Confucianism history a cultural boon


A small and dark cave in Guiyang's Xiuwen county, Guizhou province, was once the living place and site of enlightenment for Wang Yangming, a renowned educator and philosopher during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), after being banished from the imperial court.

Xiuwen invites the world to learn about philosophy


Xiuwen county in Guiyang will play host to the fifth International Yangming Culture Festival on Oct 29 and 30, in worship of Wang Yangming, a famous philosopher of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Guizhou to introduce big data platform to aid management decisions


Guiyang will build a big data application and innovation center to improve technologies and management modes within the province’s traditional industries.

Chishui improves environment with afforestation


The city has a forest coverage rate of 81 percent and has become the biggest production area of bamboo wood in Southwest China.

Huaxi Park lures visitors with autumn scenery


Huaxi Park in the southern suburbs of Guiyang is abundant in rich shades of green and yellow as late autumn sets in.

Costumes of the Bouyei ethnic group


For many of the Bouyei ethnic group, making and wearing traditional clothes when occasion permits is a rite of passage.

Future of Guizhou wetlands preserved with $15m fund


Guizhou province this year received 102 million yuan ($15.05 million) from central government coffers to protect and develop almost 210,000 hectares of wetland.

Donations give boy new lease of life


Shi Luyao, an 11-year-old boy from the southwestern province of Guizhou, no longer needs to travel 800 kilometers by himself to receive leukemia treatment in a neighboring province.

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