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Ancient Dong village oozes with culture and age-old stories


Located in the Rongjiang county, Guizhou province, the village has a unique history that can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Guizhou expands highways to over 10,000 km


The mileage of highways opened to traffic in Guizhou province will reach 10,196 kilometers by 2030.

Folk music enlivens Qianxinan


Xingyi city in Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture put on two concerts at the Culture Center Theatre and the Wanfeng Forest scenic area on Oct 15 and 16.

Wang Yangming's thought still shines in modern days


Ancient philosophies can also solve modern problems as profound insights may never be behind the times.

Yinjiang showcases 600 years of calligraphy culture


Guizhou province’s capital city Guiyang played host to a calligraphy exhibition from Oct 12 to 14.

What they say


Development of the local economy should be based on the strength of the villages. You can innovate ways to make what used to be low-skilled activities, agriculture, for example, become more advanced. You must rely on what you have in this place, and make the most out of that.

Changes bring prosperity to Dong people


The dull thud of wooden mallets striking cloth punctured the gentle calm of the village. Men sat on wooden benches grinning at passing strangers, while old women, dressed in traditional Dong costumes of deepest blue and with combs tucked into their buns, cooed gently at the babies sleeping on their backs, secured by colorful ribbons and blankets tied at the waist and shoulder.

Protecting villages a tourism trend


The balance between the conservation and development of traditional villages is key to boosting sustainable tourism in China, experts said at a summit held last week.

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