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Expo expected to rock on with big rise in foreign exhibitors


The third Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Expo, celebrating the work by companies engaged in stone production, will kick off in Guizhou province on Aug 26. It will attract many more foreign exhibitors this year, drawn by the event's openness, according to the expo's organizing committee.

Guizhou bans alcohol during official functions


Guizhou government has banned serving of all alcohol at official functions for civil servants effective from Sept 1.

Guizhou and Taiwan join hands to boost economic growth


The Fifth Guizhou-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy and Trade was held on Aug 21.

Tunbao culture promoted at local festival


Anshun in Guizhou province opened its second Tunbao Mask Festival on Aug 17 to promote the intangible cultural heritage.

World's longest floating walkway in Guizhou


Guizhou is renowned for its many mesmerizing natural wonders, but little is known about Luodian county within the province. It's home to the world's longest floating walkway.

Guizhou looks to develop sports tourism


Guizhou province is dedicated to becoming a national demonstration zone for sports tourism.

Guizhou to ban drinking alcohol during official occasions


Having alcoholic drinks at all official government occasions will be forbidden from Sept 1 in Guizhou province.

China auctions exploration rights for shale gas


China auctioned the exploration rights for a shale gas mine Friday, the first such auction in the country.

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