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Migrant worker improves lives at home


Wang Zhigang, a migrant worker who returned to his hometown to take care of his parents and children, has managed to provide a better life for his family in the remote southwestern village in Guizhou, one of China's most underdeveloped provinces.

Villagers busy making Matang as Chinese Spring Festival approaches


As the traditional Chinese Spring Festival approaches, villagers here are busy with making Matang, a candy mainly made of rice.

The life of a wood carving artist


Yang Kaisheng, a 72-year-old wood carving artist lives in Dali Dong nationality village, Rongjiang county, Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Joker pays after neighbor dies


Aman, surnamed Zhou, in Zunyi county paid 60,000 yuan compensation after failing to help his neighbor.

Poverty in Guizhou alleviated by Internet


With the booming development of e-commerce and big-data technology, Guizhou province aims to lift millions out of poverty as China makes a five-year dash to help all of its 1.3 billion people have sufficient means for a comfortable life.

Top 10 satisfying cities of China in 2015


Lhasa topped the ranking of 2015 Satisfaction Survey on People's Livelihood, according to a report released by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics on Dec 29, 2015.

Nippon Paint launches CSR cooperation with Uniqlo and CapitaLand


Nippon Paint, together with its new corporate social responsibility partners Uniqlo, homekoo.com and Ding Han TCM Clinic, started this year's first CSR event of "Color, Way of Love" at Baibi primary school.

A pottery maker's journey from poverty to well-off life


A pottery maker in a remote Chinese village lifted his family out of poverty through his craft and then managed to grow his family business by three times following his handshake with President Xi Jinping in June.

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