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Big data, rights protection benefits flow in both directions


The emerging internet and big data businesses need intellectual property protection, and IP protection and use will in turn benefit from those technologies, according to industry insiders.

City shows off ethnic diversity with cultural heritage display


The city of Kaili in Guizhou province showcased its intangible cultural heritages to the public on June 12 to mark the 11th National Cultural Heritage Day.

Folk music festival highlights ethnic diversity in in Guiyang


Residents in Guiyang got the chance to showcase their musical talents at a folk music festival on June 11.

Diverse prefecture celebrates 60 years since its founding


Qiandongnan will hold activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its establishment.

Puppet masters donate items to revive dying art form


Puppet masters in Shiqian county, Guizhou province fear that the 200-year-old art form is at risk of dying out.

Late Qinglong Party secretary leaves lasting impression on people


Jiang Shikun, the former Party secretary of Qinglong County, Guizhou province, passed away due to cardiac arrest on April 12.

Truck Alliance on the road to Southeast Asia


Truck Alliance, a startup dedicated to helping match empty trucks with loads, plans to expand into the Southeast Asian market after it raised more than $100 million from investors including Tencent Holdings Ltd and venture capital powerhouse Hillhouse Capital.

Economic slowdown, or just a state of mind?


As we drove from Guiyang's airport to the countryside, we passed a skyline dotted with construction cranes.

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