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Competition launched to encourage innovation in big data business


A big data business model contest was launched in Beijing on Sunday to encourage innovation in electronic information.

How money for left-behind kids has been spent needs explaining


The two major tragedies have already reminded people of how miserable left-behind children can be and local officials cannot afford to hide their heads in the sand any longer.

Qualcomm, Guizhou pledge $280 million investment in chips


Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc delivered a boost to the high-tech sector in Guizhou province on Sunday by pledging a major investment.

China gets its first international environmental initiative city


The city of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province has become China's first city to gain membership in the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives.

NYT names Hangzhou, Guizhou as top destinations


Two Chinese cities were listed as the top "52 places to go" around the world by New York Times, ranked at No 16 and No 44, respectively.

Alibaba to bring migrants home for Spring Festival


Company to charter two trains, provide free rail tickets to workers, students from poor families

Guizhou joins New York Times 'places to go' list for 2016


Guizhou province has been added to a New York Times list of 52 places around the world that are worth visiting in 2016.

Exploring a portal to the underworld


Nobody dared go too close to the gaping mouths that exhaled twists of mist from the mountainsides in rural Guizhou province.

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