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Retired teacher helps addicts kick the habit


Where there is love, nothing is impossible, according to a 71-year-old retired teacher who has helped more than 200 addicts quit drugs, guiding them out of their dependence through the care she provides in the Guizhou provincial capital.

Guizhou village among China's top 10 beautiful villages


Known as the biggest Miao village in the world, the One-Thousand-Household Miao Village of Xijiang is located 36 kilometers northeast of Leishan County in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, southeastern Guizhou.

Courts call for more vigilance against pollution


Environmental organizations and prosecuting authorities have been called upon to improve their role in dealing with environment-related cases, as the number of disputes has increased rapidly, an official of China's top court said.

Southern airline gets its maiden voyage


Colorful Guizhou Airlines, whose headquarters are in the city of Guiyang, Guizhou province recently completed its first flight as the province's first locally-owned carrier.

Quick look at Guizhou's roads


Guizhou province has announced plans to put 40 billion yuan ($6.44billion) into a 3-year county road improvement project, starting this coming Jan 1.

Swedish modular furniture giant eyeing SW China


The global retailer Ikea says it is looking to cash in on growing opportunities to be found in China's backward southern parts and is planning to set up a store in the Yunyan district, Guiyang city, Guizhou province.

China's national liquor Moutai reports growth in first 11 months


Moutai, China's national liquor served at official occasions and state banquets, survived the country's frugality campaign and saw its sales revenues rise by 4 percent year on year from January to November.

Alcoholic drinks expo for 2016


The city of Guiyang, Guizhou province which will be playing host to the 6th China International Alcoholic Beverage Expo, Sept 9-12, 2016, says it is hoping to build on its success at previous sessions held in the city.

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