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Smattering of English aids village's tourism


Residents of Gebong in southwestern China's Guizhou province are finding that learning some English words can improve their business as the mountainous village gains in popularity with overseas visitors.

City woos startups with support policies


A number of enterprises and startups have begun setting up shop in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou province, because of the region's innovative policies and affordable living costs.

Guizhou an early adopter in big data industry


E-commerce centers expand options for rural residents, Song Mengxing and Zeng Jun report.

Guizhou to close 510 coal mines in 3-5 years


The coal-rich province of Guizhou will close 510 coal mines in the next three to five years in a bid to cut excess capacity, the provincial government said.

Entrepreneurship and innovation depending on education


Zheng Qiang, the president of Guizhou University, who is in Beijing for the 12th National People's Congress, which opens on March 5, says that education and entrepreneurship are important issues that he pays much attention to.

Guizhou using big data for poverty relief


The head of Guizhou province's poverty alleviation office has given the thumbs-up to using big data as a way to fight poverty for accurate poverty information across the province as part of the 13th Five-year Plan.

SW China Party congress members ready with proposals


Guizhou provincial delegates to China's National People's Congress say they will shine a spotlight on poverty alleviation, big data, and general livelihood on the annual meeting.

New faces at National People's Congress


New deputies, including provincial governors, scholars, judges, scientists and farmers, are preparing to make their debuts.

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