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Guizhou to close 120 coal mines in 2017


Guizhou province, one of the major coal suppliers in southwestern China, plans to close 120 coal mines and cut coal capacity by 15 million metric tons in 2017.

Relocated villagers celebrate new life


Hundreds of residents at Mingtian Migration New Area in Qiannan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture celebrated their first Spring Festival.

Guizhou to relocate 750,000 poor families to new homes in 2017


.Guizhou province will relocate 750,000 people from 3,500 villages in poverty-stricken mountainous areas to newly-constructed homes in 2017.

Laotian elephants find new home in Guiyang


Twelve elephants from Laos made their debut at Guizhou Forest Wildlife Zoo on Jan 19.

Police dog works to keep public safe during chunyun


Security men patrol with their ten-year-old police dog Guilong, at Guiyang Railway Station on Jan 18,

Volunteers brighten up homeward journeys


Passengers aboard trains traveling home to Guizhou for Spring Festival received a pleasant surprise recently during what is normally a long and busy journey – they were entertained.

Guiyang launches new rapid bus system


Bus passengers in Guiyang will now be able to beat the traffic jams in the Guizhou province capital.

The dream that took 36 years to fulfill


Hidden deep in the mountains in northern Guizhou flows Dafa canal, which brings water and hope to the residents of Caoyuanba team, a jurisdiction of Tuanjie village.

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