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A reunion after 25 years' search


The first gift Zhang Xuexia received from her son was a bouquet of carnations, on International Women's Day on March 8, four days after DNA test results confirmed that he was her missing son.

As sessions near their conclusion, real work begins


As national legislators wrap up their annual gathering on Wednesday, I'm assessing the trail they will have left behind in Beijing during their 12-day stay.

Qualcomm chipping in for China's smart tech future


The company’s country chairman said ‘keep investing in China’ has been a strategy to seize opportunities that do not even exist today.

Chipping in for smart tech future


If seven out of ten smartphones sold worldwide last year were assembled in China, much credit for that should probably go to the China arm of US chipmaker Qualcomm. Thanks to its famed processors such as the Snapdragon, Qualcomm emerged as the world's biggest chip supplier to smartphone companies.

The sensitive secrets of a master blender


Zhong Lin stopped wearing cosmetics and perfume in her 20s. She also swore off spicy food, which was tough for someone who grew up in Guizhou, a southern province where the chili is king.

Guiyang-Nanning High-Speed Rail to start construction by year end


The Guiyang-Nanning High-Speed Rail, running through Hechi in Guangxi, will begin construction by the end of this year, according to the Hechi development and reform commission on March 10.

Rapid improvement in transportation in Guizhou


Wang Bingqing says they expect to put 700 billion yuan ($107.5 billion) into road construction over the next five years

SW China NPC delegates say more pediatricians are needed


A delegate to the ongoing National People's Congress in Beijing from Guizhou province, Su Xiaomei, who is the director of the Guizhou Children's Hospital, has some suggestions on medical care for children.

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