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SW China capital city wants to get real big


Guizhou province said in a report published on Feb 17 that its 13th Five-Year Plan calls for building the capital, Guiyang, into a large metropolis.

China to relocate 9,110 for world's largest radio telescope


Southwest China's Guizhou Province is expected to evacuate more than 9,000 residents for the protection of the world's largest ever radio telescope before its completion in September.

Failing eco-protection bureaus in the firing line


China's revised law on pollution control allows a wider range of litigants to bring cases against government departments that neglect their duties.

Folk opera Gaotai Dixi performed in SW China


People perform Gaotai Dixi, a local folk opera staged on the open space of flat land, at Weiqi village of Puding county, Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Residents make way for largest ever radio telescope


Guizhou province is expected to evacuate more than 9,000 people for the completion of the world's largest radio telescope.

Guizhou slashes number of coal mines


Guizhou, one of China's major coal-producing provinces, shut 183 mines last year in a bid to cut obsolete capacity.

China's major coal-production region slashes overcapacity


Guizhou, one of the country's major coal-producing provinces, shut down 183 mines in 2015 in a bid to cut obsolete capacity, according to local authorities.

People of Miao ethnic group celebrate Spring Festival in SW China


People of Miao ethnic group dance to celebrate the Spring Festival in Rongjiang county, Southwest China's Guizhou province, Feb 11.

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