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Guizhou lays out next five-year plan


Guizhou announced on the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-20) at the 12th Guizhou provincial People's Congress's 4th session.

SW China pioneering in big data


Guizhou province has come up with a 5-year plan for big data with the idea of being pioneer in the industry in China.

'Kangaroo mother' brings son home


Yang Li, a native of Xinglian village, Huishui county, Guizhou province, brought her son, nicknamed Xuanxuan, home all by herself from her workplace in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.

Migrant workers get a break with their train tickets


The 17-year-old Ge Lin got a free train ticket from the Alibaba Group, China's biggest online retailer in China, which provided a "Happy to be back home" train for migrant workers.

Preparation for upcoming Chinese Spring Festival


A child plays amid red lanterns in Guiyang, Southwest China's Guizhou province,on Jan 30, 2016, to greet the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival.[

Southwest China's Guizhou pioneers in setting up regulation for big data


The regulation deals with issues such as how to collect and store data, what types of data can be commercialized and how to protect privacy.

Zou punches in with masterpiece


No sign of ring rust as flashy flyweight claims WBO title

Guizhou spending a lot to help poor


Guizhou government officials announced that they will put 18 billion yuan ($2.74 billion) into relocating the people of 3,200 poor villages, about 300,000 in all.

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