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Increased demand for brown sugar during Spring Festival


Brown sugar producers in Zunyi city, Guizhou province, are currently hard at work refining brown sugar to meet increased demand as the Spring Festival approaches.

Guizhou firm to handle Apple iCloud services in Chinese mainland


Apple Inc's iCloud services on the Chinese mainland will be operated by a local company from Feb 28.

Stock surge lifts Moutai valuation


Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd, China's signature high-end spirit maker, is becoming "white gold" for investors after it became one of the most valuable stocks in the A-share market, with a market capitalization of 987 billion yuan ($151 billion) after its shares soared on Wednesday.

Chinese firm to run Apple's iCloud services


Apple Inc’s iCloud services on the Chinese mainland will be operated by a local company from Feb 28.

Stamps for year of dog issued in Guizhou


To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, China Post issued a set of special stamps signifying the year of the dog on Jan 5.

Bookstore commemorates the Long March


Located near the site of the Zunyi conference in Zunyi city, Guizhou province, the 24-hour bookstore has put some 30,000 books on display focusing on the historic retreat.

Guizhou Chamber of Commerce expands international exchanges


Guizhou province expanded their international economic exchanges in 2017.

Guiyang HIDZ ranks 41 among national hi-tech zones


Guiyang HIDZ was ranked 41st among the 147 state-level high-tech zones by the Torch Center, Ministry of Science and Technology.

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