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Sideline competitions to precede China's upcoming Big Data Expo


The US Division Final of the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Global Competition concluded in Silicon Valley, California on April 8.

Guizhou: another geological park promoted to national level


Getu River Geological Park was recently listed as a national geological park by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Guizhou Tourism Alliance holds annual conference in Guiyang


The Guizhou Tourism Alliance held its 2018 annual conference and passed governing regulations in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, on March 30.

Guizhou chili sauce manufacturer wins praise from Thai princess


"It's delicious," said Thai princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in Chinese during her tour at Laoganma Company on April 6.

Liping Dong chorus wins awards in Hong Kong


Dong chorus teams from Guizhou's Liping county won a number of awards, including gold medals, excellence medals, and other top awards, during their recent participation in a Hong Kong art competition for middle-aged and senior citizens across the country.

Guitar making aids poverty alleviation


Employment at the guitar industry in Zheng'an attracts a large number of migrant workers to return home.

Face reading gets AI touch


While checking in to a hotel on a recent trip, bank employee Wang Liming, 29, suddenly realized she was not carrying her identity card.

Keeping guitar market on a string


New York City's Times Square is home to one of the most happening public-space advertising hot spots.

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