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Kiwi fruit plays role in rural vitalization in Xiuwen county


Guizhou province's Xiuwen county has chosen to replace grains and crops with kiwi fruit in a bid to improve the local agriculture industry.

Guizhou to launch industrial reform to vitalize countryside


Southwest China's Guizhou province is going to carry out comprehensive industrial reform to alleviate poverty and vitalize rural areas.

Guizhou on the way to improve people's life through ecological environment lift


Shen Yiqin, NPC deputy and governor of Guizhou, stated that the province has consistently prioritized improvement of the ecological environment in recent years and is devising plans to bring more benefits to its people.

Sun Zhigang: Guizhou creates five-step work method


Guizhou has finalized a five-step method for government works based on practical experience, said Sun Zhigang, secretary of the Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee.

Innovative program digs deep to revitalize countryside of Guizhou


A new poverty alleviation program has been launched by the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and government to revitalize the province's countryside, starting from Feb 24 and running to June 30.

Victories scored in province's crucial fight against poverty


The mountainous Southwest China province of Guizhou is considered by many to be the main battleground in China's crucial fight against poverty - but top officials and experts say major victories have been scored and many more achievements are to come.

New online treatment service beams medical expertise to villages


Patients in far-flung villages can now be attended to by doctors from first-class hospitals in Southwest China's Guizhou province, benefiting from improvements in the province's remote treatment service.

AI fund established in Guiyang


An artificial intelligence fund was recently established in Guiyang.

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