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Horsetail embroidery of Sui people


Sandu Sui autonomous county in Guizhou province is most well-known for its unique traditional craft – horsetail embroidery.

Miao courtship on show in Guizhou


Miao courting events are even staged as a part of greater public performances extolling the intricacies and quirks of their unique cultural heritage.

WeChat video used to finalize divorce


As Chinese divorce hearings go, it was fairly standard - apart from the fact that one half of the couple was 2,000 kilometers away.

Guizhou invests to develop sport industries


Guizhou province plans to prioritize the development of ecological sport parks and mountain tourism.

Spring job fair attracts residents in Guiyang


As the recruiting season begins, Guiyang arranged a job fair on Feb 14.

Medicated baths for Yao ethnic group


The Yao people in remote Gaohua village, Congjiang county, use a special, unique bathing that keeps them clean and healthy in a challenging environment.

Geely powers up big engine project in Guizhou


Chinese multinational automaker Geely is set to build a huge manufacturing base at the Guiyang.

Sugar production sweetens Mumian village life


Mumian village in Ceheng county found a new way to improve local incomes – producing black sugar with modern equipment.

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