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China province sees robust tea export growth


Tea exports form Guizhou, China's largest tea-planting province, have grown every year since 2012, local authorities said Saturday.

SW China's largest wintering ground prepares food for migratory birds


Environmental workers in Caohai Lake, the largest bird wintering ground in southwest China, have prepared sufficient food and a better environment for some 100,000 migratory birds.

No aliens found yet, but 'heartbeats' in universe heard


One is rapid and strong, and the other is slow and weak, like the heartbeats of a youth and an old man passing through a distance of thousands of light years, and then heard by the most sensitive "ear" on Earth.

Revisiting Guizhou after 22 years


The trip, which began on Nov 21, was the first time in 22 years Connolly had visited the province.

A unique place that is home to the 'Earth's ear'


I've done my fair share of travelling around China, but the recent week-long trip to Guizhou was the first time I had visited the province. It was a real learning experience.

Long table set for unusual hotpot feast in Guizhou


An unusual hotpot feast of "Niubie" was held in Zhongcheng town, Rongjiang county of Guizhou province, on Dec 16.

Two bridges in Guizhou win top prize


Balinghe Bridge and Beipanjiang Bridge won the Luban Prize for Construction Projects on Dec 14.

First inter-city rail in Guizhou under construction


The Anshun-Liupanshui Railway, Guizhou province's first inter-city railway is currently under construction.

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