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Vontron to use new water tech for profit


Guiyang, Guizhou-based Vontron Co Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of membrane-based water treatment equipment, is preparing to tap the ultrafiltration segment, having tasted success so far in the reverse osmosis process.

Guiyang couple continues globetrotting dream


A couple from Guizhou province has left tracks in 14 countries over the past seven years, and plans to continue their dream of driving around the world in their own car.

Lotto winners catch lucky break


Two men won Super Lotto jackpots worth 8.79 million yuan ($1.35 million) each, drawing the same numbers in Zunyi, Guizhou province, Guiyang Evening News reported Wednesday.

Guizhou takes care of the alcohol problem


On Sept 1, the provincial government of Guizhou in Southwest China said no alcoholic drinks will be served at official business receptions, making it the province to implement the strictest ban on alcohol since the central authorities tightened discipline supervision after the leadership with Xi Jinping as the core took office in 2012.

Rural children take free lunch in SW China's Guizhou


Pan Chengyue, a 4-year-old girl of Miao ethnic group, takes free lunch at the Kaihuai Community No. 13 Kindergarten, which was newly built for children relocated from poverty-stricken areas, in Kaili City, Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture of Qiandongnan, Southwest China's Guizhou province, Sept 6, 2017.

Investment conferences to take place in Guizhou


Guizhou province will host three conferences to promote local products and attract investment in the following week.

Xiuwen kiwi fruit industry integrates with e-commerce


The Xiuwen Kiwi Fruit E-commerce Feast will be held in Xiuwen county, Guizhou province, on Sept 13.

Telescope to unlock secrets of universe


Many people have an inner desire to peer into space and seek for origins of the universe.

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