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Guizhou county enjoys fruits of lucrative plum growing industry


Yanhe Tujia autonomous county, a rural area of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, is putting all of its eggs, or rather all of its plums, in one basket in its fight against poverty.

Transformers 'break' walls in Guiyang


Creative murals have sprung up in Guiyang, refreshing the streets and attracting many visitors, Guizhou City News reported on July 12.

Apple to cooperate with Guizhou for cloud services


Guizhou province inked a deal with US tech giant Apple Inc. on July 12 to cooperate in providing iCloud services.

Apple invests $1b in data centers in China


Apple will invest $1 billion in new data centers in Guizhou province in China, as the United States tech giant steps up efforts to meet local consumers' growing demand for cloud services.

New bonded zone approved in Guizhou


A bonded zone has been approved by the State Council in Guizhou province, said the provincial commerce bureau on July 10.

Guizhou secures $1b Apple cloud center


Apple Inc will invest $1 billion to build its first China data center in Guizhou province, in a move to meet local consumers' growing demand for better cloud services.

Shared umbrellas serve moist Guiyang


Some 10,000 public umbrellas popped up around Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, on July 7, just in time for the rainy season.

Mafengwo dominates online travel picture


To make it big, you need big dreams. When it comes to vision, Chen Gang plans to turn his company Mafengwo into the "Alibaba of the tourism industry".

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