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Rolling on the river in Guizhou


A video posted online caused a stir recently, revealing the little-known Guizhou art of bamboo drifting.

Cooling air brings cloud cover to Xingyi


Some parts of Xingyi are beset with clouds flowing over the mountainous landscape as winter creeps in

Get riches from stitches


As the temperature drops outside, the number of customers to Wang Feng’s ethnic embroidery shop in Xingyi, Guizhou province, continues to rise as the popularity of her delicate brocade heats up.

Qualcomm to ship customized server chips


Qualcomm Inc said it expected to start shipping China-customized server chips around mid-2018, as the US tech giant ramped up its resources to tap into opportunities brought by the mainland's growing demand for internet data centers.

Guiyang to invest 40 billion yuan in IT infrastructure


Guiyang has released a plan to become an innovation-oriented city from 2016 to 2030 by developing its big data industries.

Intl runners go cross-country on Mount Bailong


Runners from around the world went cross-country on the tracks and trails up Mount Bailong in Xingyi, Guizhou province, on Nov 13.

Tunpu culture becoming a drawcard for Guizhou


In the Guizhou city of Anshun, more than 200,000 Han people still live according to the 600-year-old ways of their ancestors.

'Supermoon' lights up Xingyi


The sky above Xingyi was lit up by the largest moon since 1948 on Nov 14.

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