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Guizhou opens its first art museum


Guizhou Art Museum, the first provincial art museum in Guizhou, finally opened to the public in Guiyang on Sept 1.

World's longest dragon boat sails in Guizhou


Shibing county in Guizhou province held a cruise for more than 150 boats on Aug 28.

Internet to prop fight against poverty in Guizhou


The Poverty Reduction Conference by E-commerce was held in Guiyang on Aug 30.

Glass skywalk crosses valley in Guizhou


Guizhou province's first glass skywalk was unveiled at picturesque Yuntai Mountain in Shibing county on Aug 28.

Guiyang tourism achieves big progress in 10 years


In just 10 years, Guiyang has made great progress in tourism, with visitors increasing five-fold and revenue growing 11-fold.

Stone Expo draws more foreign exhibitors


The third Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Expo, opened in China Stone Town, Guizhou province, on Aug 26.

Cultural tourism brings renowned dancing village a step nearer wealth


Things are peaceful at night in Fanpai village. The only sounds are the babbling of water in the stream and the occasional bark of a dog. There are no streetlamps, so only moonlight and the ambient glow from a few homes illuminate the settlement in Taijiang county, Guizhou province.

Stone Sector Evolving Into Pillar Industry


The already-heavyweight stone sector is rising fast as a pillar industry in Guizhou province, with its growth rate averaging 25 percent in recent years.

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