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Villagers move up from old 'machete'


Yikoudao's villagers sing a traditional song about leaving for the nearest settlement at sunrise and arriving at sunset.

Helping people to help themselves


By the end of last year, 43 million impoverished people were living in China's rural areas, after 55 million people were lifted above the poverty line between 2012 and last year, the National Bureau of Statistics said.

Rural residents start to feel urban buzz


Yanhe Tujia autonomous county is one of 14 severely poverty-stricken counties in Guizhou province.

Danzhai's tourism town welcomes its 22nd 'Rotating Mayor'


Wanda tourism town in Danzhai county welcomed its 22nd "Rotating Mayor" on Dec 8.

Guizhou exports mass agricultural products to ASEAN countries


Guizhou Business Investment Group and a biotechnology company Guizhou Qinbang Group jointly established a trade port for Guizhou's agricultural products on Dec 6.

Guizhou: precise poverty alleviation in China


The village of Huamao has become a leading example of opportunity for Guizhou province thanks to a series of measures for poverty eradication.

China's Skynet Project finds people in minutes


A BBC correspondent was spotted by the Skynet Project after only seven minutes' escape during a test in Guiyang.

China's big data exchange gains data access to Chicago Mercantile Exchange


The Global Big Data Exchange (GBDE) based in Southwest China's Guizhou province has partnered with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in commercial data module development.

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