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Local government supports blockchain's development


Guizhou province is pioneering China's efforts to experiment with blockchain technology, following the inland region's continuous steps to promote big data industries.

Golden Stand, JD join forces to improve asset management system


To better protect trading information, Guiyang Golden Stand Financial Technology in Guizhou province is cooperating with JD Finance this month to apply blockchain technology to a new asset management system.

Designer brings solar calendar to life


The 24 solar terms, a complementary calendar system invented in ancient China, has been brought to life thanks to a creative designer from Southwest China’s Guizhou province.

Zhong Jing: providing a dose of village care


Residents living in Longhe village, Guizhou province, never need to worry about waiting in crowded hospitals to see a doctor when they are sick, because they have their own village physician to take care of them – Zhong Jing.

Mud fight


Participants in a traditional fishcatching contest, held at Changtan village, Taijiang county in Guizhou province during a local folk festival of the Miao people, throw mud at each other on Tuesday.

Sisters Day festivities


Women wearing ethnic Miao costumes celebrate Zimei Jie, or Sisters Day, as they march in a parade on Monday in Taijiang county.

Guizhou launches tourism deals


Guizhou province will roll out a series of new tourism policies to attract travelers from far and wide in the coming months.

Artificial Intelligence boosts development in Guizhou


Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, is counting on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve public services and the lives of its citizens with help from Chinese AI firm Xiaoi.

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