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From potato planter to hotel proprietor


For years, winter meant two long, tough months for Xiong Hongfang and her family of five as they "hibernated" at home with nothing to do and no income coming in.

Call to boost cyber security of industrial internet


Ensuring cyber security should be a high priority as China steps up efforts to promote the development of the industrial internet, experts said.

Bulls fight for honor in Kaiyang


The Miao ethnic group in Kaiyang county held its traditional Bullfight Festival on Feb 21, where bulls from different villages showed their strength in battle.

Blooming flowers attract visitors to Anlong Park


As flowers begin blooming with the arriving warm weather of spring, Anlong National Outdoor Sports Park has become an attractive destination for tourists.

Warm spring hugs Guizhou


With the warm air, too comes new life as insects, plants, and animals awake from their winter-long slumber.

Miao gather to celebrate the sounds of their culture


Thelushengis a bamboo reed-pipe instrument so integral and intertwined with Miao ethnic culture that it is impossible to separate them.

Xingyi gets flowery


In a bid to transform the environment and provide a greener and brighter atmosphere for its residents, authorities in Xingyi city, capital of Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, have got planting.

Guizhou seeks Dong opera talents


Southwest China’s Guizhou province is on the hunt for inheritors of its Dong opera, holding several auditions across the province.

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