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Miao people mark Lantern Festival with folk dances


To welcome the Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, members of the world-famous Miao ethnic group from Guizhou’s Congjiang county gathered together to perform folk dances.

Guizhou releases key plan for digital economy


Guizhou has released a key development plan on its digital economy, which aims to lift the contribution made by the sector to at least 30 percent of the province's total gross domestic product by 2020, senior officials said.

Xingyi's AQI ranks best in Guizhou


Air Quality Index (AQI) readings for January in Xingyi city, Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, ranked the best in the province.

Police arrest over 30 drug suspects in SW China


Police in southwest China's Guizhou Province have seized a large amount of equipment and 900 kilograms of raw materials for drug production and arrested more than 30 suspects, police said Thursday.

Ecological zones prioritized


'Red line' aims to safeguard soil, water, forestry and biodiversity

Guiyang to advance preschool education


Guiyang city in Guizhou province has issued guidelines on promoting inclusive preschool education.

Experts suggest on Guizhou big data industry development


A delegation of leading figures from China's big data industry were given a tour of Guizhou province from Feb 4 to 5.

Blossoms take over as southeastern China welcomes spring


A springtime view of a village of Dong people.

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