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Long Changchun


Long Changchun was born in April 1963 in Songtao Miao autonomous county, Guizhou province. He is of Miao ethnicity, and began working in 1983. Long joined the CPC in 1984.


Yan Chaojun


Yan Chaojun, male, Han ethnic group, was born in November 1963 in Qionghai, Hainan province. He began working in September 1981 and joined the CPC in September 1986.


Wang Yanyong


Wang Yanyong, male, Han ethnic group, was born in September 1962 in Xiyang, Shanxi province. He joined the People's Liberation Army in November 1977 and the COC in January 1983.


Lu Yongzheng


Lu Yongzheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou CPC Provincial Committee, and head of publicity department of Guizhou province


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