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Expanding orchards lift incomes in Guizhou mountain village


Today, with no more trees cut and more planted, the village has seen the per capita net income of its roughly 700 residents soar to about 13,000 yuan ($1,980), making it a potent example of "lucid waters and lush mountains" being "invaluable assets".


Guizhou supports agricultural product deep-processing firms


Southwest China's Guizhou province promoted high-growth agricultural product deep-processing enterprises at an activity in Guiyang on March 27.


Guizhou sees healthy increase in numbers of businesses


Southwest China's Guizhou province last year saw significant growth in the number of businesses operating there, boasting a total number of 3.47 million market entities with registered capital of 8.23 trillion yuan ($1.26 trillion) in 2020.


Guizhou brews new economic growth with tea


Guizhou was home to over 466,666 hectares of tea plantations by the end of 2020, ranking first in China.


New projects in Guiyang attract major investment


Local officials and business leaders say capital of Guizhou is building a more prosperous society.


Guizhou to build two metropolitan areas in five years


During the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), Southwest China's Guizhou province plans to build the Guiyang-Guian-Anshun metropolitan area and Zunyi metropolitan area, according to Guizhou's economic and social development plan released on Feb 27.


Revised industry catalog to boost foreign investment


The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce released a revised industry catalog on Dec 28, 2020, that identifies more sectors encouraging foreign investment.


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