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Astronomy a growing draw for tourists


The first image of a black hole, which was released on Wednesday, may continue to spark Chinese people's growing curiosity for outer space.


China's consumption upgrade to boost product, service quality


China's ongoing consumption upgrade has made it imperative for companies to improve the quality of their products and services, said participants at a recent global conference.


Guizhou takes the green road to growth


Guizhou province in Southwest China is banking on transforming the local agricultural industry, providing roads to every village, and further integrating the big data sector with the real economy to advance its high-quality development.


Seeking the right answers


The long summer and winter vacations during which teachers can recharge their batteries and prepare for a new semester is certainly a perk.


Nurture ethnic talent


Donning the traditional clothing of the Miao ethnic group along with silver accessories, Zeng Li, a professor from Guizhou Minzu University, who's a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, explains her proposals in front of a camera in English.


Tea harvest underway


As temperatures rise, the tea harvest begins on a farm dedicated to poverty alleviation in Danzhai, Guizhou province, on Sunday.


China's 'Uber' for trucks looking to boost focus on big data technologies


Full Truck Alliance Group, China's biggest application for Uber and Didi-like truck services, is looking to break even this year by leveraging its financial services for truck drivers and integrating existing resources with the help of big data technologies.


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