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Anshun Central Plaza


Anshun Central Plaza is Bijie's largest comprehensive shopping mall, home to some 100 clothing outlets, leather and jewellery stores, restaurants and a large supermarket.


Number One Shopping Plaza


Number One Shopping Plaza is the largest shopping center in Tongren city, Guizhou.


Suoma Sky Culture Square


Suoma Sky Culture Square lies in the commercial pedestrian street of Guizhou's Bijie city, close to People's Park and the Youth&Children's Center.




Walmart (Bijie-Wenbo road branch) is situated in the Zhaoshang Huacheng residential area, Qixingguan district of Guizhou's Bijie city and occupies an area of 17,000 square meters.


China Tea City


Located in Meitan county, Guizhou province, the China Tea City covers an area of over 300 mu (20 hectares) with an investment of 1 billion yuan ($145.78 million).


Sui Ethnic Group Horsetail Embroidery Shopping Center


Sui Ethnic Group Horsetail Embroidery Shopping Center specializes in the sale of horsetail embroidery products from the Sui ethnic group.


Longgang Baisheng Department Store


Founded in 1987 by Gold Lion Group, China's largest retail chain group, Baisheng Department Store is one of the earliest fashion department chain enterprises in Guiyang.


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