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Hongtong Shopping Center


The largest family leisure shopping center in Guizhou province, Hongtong Shopping center is home to a number of fashion brands.


Huaguoyuan Shopping Center


Huaguoyuan Shopping Center has a total construction area of 120,000 square meters.


Zhongda International Square


Zhongda International Square is located in the Camp Slope area of North City.


Guochen Department Store


Guochen Department Store is located in the Big West Gate Business Circle, and services an average daily flow of 30,000 to 40,000 visitors.


Nanguohuajin Shopping Center


Founded in 2008, Guiyang Nanguohuajin Shopping Center is located in the prosperous Fountain Business Circle.


Guiyang Trade Center


Founded in 2002, Guiyang Trade Center is located in the CBD Business Circle, the city center of Guiyang.


Guiyang Antique Store


The store is located on Gongyuan Rd and mainly deals in antique porcelain, pottery, jewelry, jade, paintings, calligraphy of famous figures, ethnic embroidery, the "four treasures of the study" (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, and paper), stone seals, and bamboo and wood carving. It also sells arts and crafts from local artists.


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