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Why Guizhou

Number of market entities in Guizhou exceeds 3.14m


According to the administration for market regulation in Southwest China's Guizhou province, by May 18 the province had 3.14 million market entities with a registered capital of 7.75 trillion yuan ($1.09 trillion) - an increase of 10.39 percent and 6.6 percent, respectively.


Guizhou maintains high-quality ecological environment


To celebrate World Environment Day, which falls on June 5 each year, the ecology and environment department of Southwest China's Guizhou province released a bulletin on June 3 outlining Guizhou's ecological environment status for 2019.


Big data proves its worth


Forensic expert Shi Rong is keen to stress the crucial role big data technology, and its wide application, plays in enhancing public security.


Guiyang ranks eighth in big data development


Guiyang's big data development index ranks eighth among 31 major cities, while Guizhou ranks fourth among 31 provinces.


E-commerce revitalizes Liupanshui businesses


Liupanshui, a city in mountainous Guizhou province in Southwest China, used to rely on coal power, raw materials and traditional industries for development.


Guiyang to build Guian New Area into global big data hub


Guian New Area, a national-level new urban area in Southwest China's Guizhou province, plans to build itself into one of the largest big data clusters globally over the next few years as part of its broad push to develop new infrastructure to stoke a fresh growth engine for the region, a local official said.


Guizhou speeds up service industry development


As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic eases, Guizhou province is encouraging service industry related companies to resume work by launching supporting policies.


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