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Modern manufacturing industry

Updated: 2018-11-28 Print

Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou province, has formed a system of equipment-manufacturing industries on a certain scale and technical level. Driven by local leading enterprises, Guiyang has gradually developed basic mechanical parts, manufacturing processes, steel forging and casting material industries, and various unique industrial hubs including enterprises which produce automobile parts and components, engineering-mining machinery, computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tools and civil aerospace components.

The city aims to "go green" in its equipment manufacturing industry by the use of technological innovation. Furthermore, emphasis will be put on the development of industries including construction machinery, special CNC machine tools, key hydraulic parts, auto parts, aircraft parts, special (modified) vehicles, special machinery and instrumentation.

Guiyang will build an industrial spatial layout of "one core, two districts and multiple parks (bases)". "One core" means the city's equipment-manufacturing industry will be built into a national CNC equipment demonstration area through the construction of a service platform for CNC technology development and promotion.

"Two Districts" refers to the Guiyang National Economic & Technology Development Zone and the Guiyang National High-tech Industry Development Zone. The Guiyang National Economic & Technology Development Zone focuses on the layout of the equipment manufacturing industry which includes construction machinery, special vehicles, mining machinery, auto parts, industrial base, aerospace, and power equipment manufacturing. While the Guiyang National High-tech Industry Development Zone is home to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

"Multiple parks (bases)" means that local equipment-manufacturing enterprises will confine their factories in the areas of Huaxi district, Baiyun district, Wudang district and Xiuwen county to become an industrial super cluster with an outstanding competitive edge over outside districts. 

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