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China National Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group)

Updated: 2018-12-12 Print

Established in 1964, China National Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) mainly produces aircrafts, engines, autos and auto parts. It also specializes in hydraulic engineering, agricultural, mining and medical machinery. It is very capable in military and civil-use technology and is a major research and production base for national defense. It is also one of the 512 large enterprises under the support of the State and one of the top 500 State-owned companies.

With a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan ($245 million), the group now has 28 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 16 partly-owned subsidiaries, with two of them being A-share public companies.

According to a credit rating report, by June 31, 2007, the group had total assets worth 13.84 billion yuan, 2.9 billion yuan of which were net assets. It also had an asset-to-debt ratio of 67.86 percent. In 2006, its revenues reached 6.75 billion yuan, bringing in 680 million yuan in profits.

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