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Land policy

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The Project Design for Land Utilization in Guizhou should be implemented seriously . For industries with preferential development and intensive land utilization, and those industrial projects with primary processing of farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery products, land transfer prices will be no less than 50 percent of the price regulated by the National Standard of the Lowest Price of Industrial Land. For unused State-owned lands that are not part of town construction or the overall land-use plan but has been finished utilization for the industrial projects in the early development of the land, the lowest land transfer price allowed is no less than 10 percent of the price regulated by the National Standard of the Lowest Price of Industrial Land. At the same time. The pilot projects will be extensively participated about the directly link the rural land management and the change of the rural-urban construction land use. The protection of basic farmland should be delimited scientifically.

Private industry is encouraged. The government should implement a strategy to strengthen the province and maintain consistent growth in the private industry. Private economies are strongly encouraged to invest in the construction of thermal power plants, hydropower and new energy. They are also encouraged to participate in the integration of coal mining resources and the construction of large-scale coal; to develop mineral resources including phosphor, magnesium, manganese, barium and vanadium; and to enhance large-scale base construction in the coal chemical industry, phosphor chemical industry, magnesium chemical industry and titanium chemical industry. Firms should work to develop deep processing, extend the industry chain, enhance added-value and upgrade the traditional mineral industry. For the project of integrating mineral resources involved by private economic agents, the mineral right will be registered by alter mode and service fee should be reduced or eliminated.


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