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Bailidujuan, Bijie

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Bailidujuan Scenic Area is a popular travel destination for Chinese and overseas visitors alike. [Photo/IC]

百里杜鹃风景名胜区 (Bailidujuan, A Hundred Miles of Azaleas )

Located in the downtown of Bijie city, in northwestern Guizhou province, Bailidujuan Scenic Area is a demonstration area for ecological tourism and a national forest park decorated with numerous azaleas.

The forest park lies in the heart of Wumengshan Mountain in northwestern Guizhou at the intersection of Dafang county and Qianxi county in Bijie city and covers over 600 square kilometers. It has the largest natural azalea belt in the world, with over 60 varieties of the plant. A 1,200-year-old rhododendron delavayi grows on Baimashan Mountain, with a trunk diameter of 242 centimeters.

The nickname "flower mountain and coal sea" came from the 800 million metric tons of high-quality anthracite found in the area. In addition, the forest park is also home to a multitude of old trees and thick grass. The altitudes of Bailidujuan's 100,000 acres of grassland varies from 1,780 meters to 1,922 m. The grasslands are covered by exotic flowers and rare herbs. Sinkholes are scattered throughout, shaping a magical landform of karst mountains. Mountains, water, forests and caves add beauty to the area, while rare fowls and strange animals create a sense of mystique. With trees offering shade and fresh air, Bailidujuan National Forest Park is an ideal place to escape the summer heat.

The area is home to over 10 ethnic groups, including the Yi, Miao, Bai, Man and Bouyei peoples, whose populations account for 71 percent of the 110,000 residents. Since 2015, Bailidujuan Scenic Spot has launched helicopter flights and a hot-air balloon project to overlook the "flower sea". The newly added large Yi music and dance poem Azalea Bloominghas also become a popular activity for tourists.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA (top level)

Address: Dafang county, Bijie city, Guizhou province

Suggested Sightseeing Season: From March to April

Opening Hours: 9 am-6 pm, Monday to Sunday

Ticket Prices: 90 yuan ($13)

Website: http://www.gzbldj.net/(Chinese)


Azaleas are usually in full bloom from March to April.

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