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Zhazuo sauerkraut knuckles

Updated: 2019-11-14 Print


Zhazuo sauerkraut knuckles [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Zhazuo knuckles refer to the sauerkraut knuckles hot pot in Zhazuo, a town of Xiuwen county. To make it, you need to clean the knuckles and soak them in the water, remove the water on the surface and brush them with honey while the knuckles are still hot. Then you deep fry them and take them out when they turn brown and yellow. 

Boil the knuckles in boiling water and remove the grease on the surface. Put the knuckles into the steamer and steam them for 4-5 hours on a high flame. When the knuckles are ready, fry the sauerkraut and seasoning, add some pork soup, put the steamed knuckles into the pot and carry them onto the table while still cooking. The skin will be soft but not mashed, the meat will be soft but not greasy. They will be firm and delicious.

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