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Guizhou sees remarkable improvement in business environment

Updated: 2020-03-03 Print

According to a business environment assessment report conducted by Xiamen University and the Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, the business environment of Southwest China's Guizhou province in 2019 has improved significantly compared with 2018.

The report takes Guiyang and Zunyi as samples to assess the indexes on businesses starting up, construction license applications, electric power access, property registration, credit loan applications, protection for small and medium-sized investors, tax payments, cross-border trade, contract execution, and bankruptcy application at a provincial level.

By investing in local companies and related government departments, the convenience of Guiyang's business environment was 72.82 percent in 2019, which is 6.03 percentage points higher than in 2018.

For the assessment at the municipality, new area, and county levels, the Guizhou University of Finance and Economics collected data of small and medium sized companies, government departments, and agencies in 88 counties.

The ranking of business environment convenience at the municipal level shows that Guiyang ranked first, while Panzhou, Qingzhen, Wanshan district, Longli county, and Jinping were the top five areas at the county level.

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