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Guizhou issues action plan on tourism development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-06-29 Print

Southwest China's Guizhou province recently issued an action plan to develop an international first-class mountain tourism industry and become a national first-class vacation destination.

The plan sets the goals and main tasks for the tourism industry over the next three years. By the end of 2020, the added value of Guizhou's tourism industry should reach 180 billion yuan ($25.55 billion), investment in major projects should reach 38.7 billion yuan, and there should be 44,000 tourism companies employing 750,000 people.

By 2022, the added value of Guizhou's tourism industry should reach 210 billion yuan, occupying 12 percent of its GDP. Investment in major projects should reach 46.8 billion yuan, and tourism companies should number 50,000 with 850,000 employees.

In addition, tourism companies with a business income of more than 100 million yuan should exceed 70 by 2022.

According to the plan, Guizhou will focus on its features of natural springs, cableways, bridges, outdoor and mountain sports, and its cool summers.

With abundant sites and heritage related to the history of the Communist Party of China, Guizhou will build a tourism belt connecting famous sites including the Liping Conference site in Liping county and the memorial site to the four crossings of the Chishui River in Zunyi city.

Guizhou will ensure the annual signing and implementation of projects, support tourism companies to become national top 100 companies, improve the quality of tourism products, create excellent scenic spots and rural tourism experiences, promote the integration of big data and tourism, innovate in tourism marketing, and create a satisfactory tourism environment.

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