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Guiyang ranks provincial first for internet security

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-12-11 Print

The index of big data and internet security among Guizhou's cities was released on Dec 10, revealing that Guiyang, Zunyi and Liupanshui cities rank the top three (in that order) in the southwestern province.

The index aims to evaluate the internet security level among Guizhou's cities and promote the development of internet security guarantee systems for local governments.

The evaluation focused on three aspects: individual, company and government. It included situations such as internet attacks on personal computers and mobile terminals, company IP addresses and government IP addresses.

The results showed that Guizhou's internet security situation is stable and that no significant emergencies have occurred. However, there is still room for improvement in personal awareness of internet security.

Guiyang has been planning the layout of the big data industry in Guiyang Economic and Technology Development Zone since 2014. It has built China's first national big data security system, which carries out municipal internet security drills to improve the city's data security protection ability.

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