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Guizhou to share blockchain data of public resource trading

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2021-01-06 Print

Southwest China's Guizhou province was recently approved by the State Information Center to start the pilot operation of blockchain data sharing of public resource trading. The move is based on Guizhou's robust integration of the public resource trading platform and big data application in public resource trading.

The State Information Center has promoted the development of public resource trading platforms in recent years and achieved great success in integrating the systems with digital technologies, such as blockchain.

Blockchain technology can solve the confidence issue in public resource trading due to its data consistency, security and traceability.

Going forward, Guizhou will focus on enhancing the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms, improving the quality of trading data and optimizing the data confidence mechanism.

Guizhou will also improve its trading services, strengthen trading supervision and innovate in blockchain data sharing. It will share its successful experience in blockchain application with the whole country in the future.

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