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East China's cities support poverty alleviation in Guizhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2021-01-14 Print

Since 2016, seven cities in East China have provided 11.4 billion yuan ($1.76 billion) in financial support to help Guizhou fight against poverty and implemented 5,932 poverty alleviation projects.

The seven cities also sent 693 government officials and 3,883 educators and healthcare professionals to Guizhou. Also, Guizhou sent 926 government officials and 4,038 professionals to study in East China.

The cooperation is based on connecting Guizhou's resources, bases, manufacturing and products with East China's companies, headquarters, R&D capabilities and markets. As such, 491 companies from East China invested 37.97 billion yuan in Guizhou in 2020.

The seven cities and Guizhou also held 1,594 employment training sessions for 64,700 impoverished people and helped 176,900 disadvantaged people find jobs. So far, Guizhou has found steady employment in East China for 1.13 million underprivileged people.

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