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Guiyang ranks fifth globally for data openness

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-07-19 Print

According to a data openness index recently released by a development research center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Guizhou's provincial capital of Guiyang ranks fifth globally for data openness – one place higher than last year.

The data openness index is the world's first professional index focusing on the degree of data openness and value of data released in major cities around the world. Since it was first launched in 2019, it has become a "barometer" for global cities on data openness.

The index evaluates the world's top 30 cities, which include New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore. It is based on 77 indicators divided into four categories.

This year, the top 10 cities on the ranking received "star" titles, and Guiyang was hailed the "star of openness quality". Domestic cities also received tailored advice on data openness.

Data openness represents a city's soft power. With the construction of data centers such as Huawei, Apple, Google, and Alibaba, Guiyang is on a path of high-quality development with the help of its digital economy.

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