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Guizhou promotes new industrialization model

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-07-28 Print

The Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently launched 18 measures to promote the development of leading industries, cultivate major enterprises, construct industrial chains, build industrial parks, ensure economic growth, and achieve sustainable and low-carbon development.

Guizhou will incentivize cities, counties, and development zones to cultivate industrial clusters, accelerate the construction of national emerging industrial clusters in Guiyang and Tongren, and pursue the industrial transformation and upgrading of the demonstration area in Liupanshui.

It will also promote the reconstruction of the manufacturing industry's competitive advantages in old industrial cities such as Guiyang, Zunyi, and Anshun.

In addition, it will support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, offer them preferential tax policies, and attract more industrial projects.

To build and supplement industrial chains, the province will launch landmark projects and rely on scientific research platforms.

It will further the integrated development of industries and cities, build infrastructure in industrial parks, integrate advanced manufacturing with modern service, and improve the quality of producer service clusters.

It will also guarantee the supply of energy, logistics, capital, and land to boost economic development, and save resources, develop circular and low carbon industries, and transform the development of the manganese industry.

To ensure the implementation of the measures, Guizhou has established various management mechanisms involving development and reform commission departments at all levels.

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