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Ministry of Education supports Guizhou's education development

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The Ministry of Education helps Guizhou develop its vocational training. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

The Ministry of Education issued implementation opinions on March 31 to support the high-quality development of education in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

According to the opinions, the ministry will help Guizhou make up its short boards and strengthen weak areas in education to create a high-quality education system by 2025.

By 2035, Guizhou's education quality is expected to be further improved and basic modern education is expected to be achieved and contribute to supporting regional development.

The opinions will help Guizhou consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation while enhancing rural revitalization, promote the equal and high-quality development of basic education, enhance vocational training, strengthen special education and higher education, create a high-level team of professors, increase the openness of education, and promote the digitization of education.

The ministry will cooperate with Guizhou to establish a joint consultative conference mechanism to study and solve problems facing Guizhou's education reforms and coordinate resources and support to help strengthen Guizhou's overall education quality.

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