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Baili Azalea Nature Reserve, a must-visit scenic spot in spring

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-04-18 Print


Bijie's Baili Azalea Nature Reserve is known for its sea of azaleas. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

The Baili Azalea Nature Reserve in Bijie city, Southwest China's Guizhou province, is named after its 125.8 square kilometers of old-growth azaleas and is a national 5A-level scenic spot.

The scenic spot not only boasts a sea of azaleas, but is also home to towering old trees, mountains, rivers, and rare animals and plants. The azaleas are in full bloom from late March to early May.

Due to its long history and unique location, the Baili Azalea Nature Reserve also preserves the culture of the Yi and Miao ethnic groups. Visitors can enjoy a view of azaleas all over the mountains and participate in traditional local festivals.

The ticket price is 130 yuan ($20.4) yuan per person during peak season after March 20. Visitors can book tickets online and scan their ID cards to enter.

Visitors can travel to the Baili Azalea Nature Reserve by train, plane, bus or car. The scenic spot also provides tour bus services for 35 yuan per person that run between 7:30 am and 8:30 pm. Each passenger must show their ID after purchasing tickets to board the bus, which they can do an unlimited number of times on the day they purchased their ticket.

Visitors from overseas and outside the province should follow Guizhou's COVID-19 prevention and control requirements concerning quarantine and nucleic acid testing before entering the scenic spot.

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