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China to better facilitate visas for foreigners with business

By YANG ZEKUN | chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2023-08-07 Print

China will facilitate the issuance of port visas and multiple renewals for foreign businessmen, according to the Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Administration.

For foreigners coming to China for business negotiations, trade exchanges, installation and maintenance, participation in exhibitions, investment, and entrepreneurship, and who have no time to apply for visas to China outside the country, they can apply for port visas to enter the country with the invitation letter and certification materials of the enterprise.

Those who need to leave and return to China multiple times due to business reasons can apply for a replacement with a valid business visa for multiple entry within 3 years after arriving in China.

Jia Tongbin, deputy director of the Department of Foreigners Management, National Immigration Administration, said these measures will further promote cross-border business personnel exchanges; facilitate foreign executives, businesspeople and other personnel to carry out trade cooperation, and enable and negotiate business activities in China.

According to current regulations, when applying for residence permits in China, foreigners should submit their passports to the Exit and Entry Administration department for review, and the document will be returned to them when receiving the residence permits.

The new measure will allow foreigners to keep their original passport after verification while applying for residence permits, so that they can handle relevant matters with their passports during the period.

This measure focuses on permanent foreigners who work; study; and carry out scientific research, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship in China, as well as visiting relatives. They can carry out social affairs such as travel, accommodation, taxation, banking and mailing with their passports during the period they are applying for residence permits. The move is expected to benefit at least 700,000 people a year, helping create a more efficient and convenient business environment, Jia said.

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