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Guizhou optimizes logistics to reach intl markets

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2024-01-31 Print

In 2023, Southwest China's Guizhou province strived to accelerate the establishment of transportation channels, according to a press conference held on Jan 29.

The Guiyang International Land Port has begun trialing the cross-provincial railway-sea intermodal fast clearance system, covering 148 countries and 580 regions, with the turnover container volume exceeding 20,000 TEUs, a year-on-year growth of 107 percent.

At the same time, Guizhou-Guangdong freight trains were included in the scheduled operation, China-Europe freight trains continued operating, freight trains between China and Central Asian trains debuted in Guizhou, and the Yunnan-Guizhou‧Lancang-Mekong Line started operating.

Guizhou also opened its first international cargo flight from Guiyang to Kolkata, and a total of five international passenger flights were resumed, including ones to Bangkok, Phuket Island, and Nha Trang, carrying 26,000 passengers.

In 2023, Guizhou also arranged for over 1,000 companies to participate in exhibitions such as the China Import and Export Fair, China International Fair for Trade in Services, and China International Import Expo. The participating companies signed orders worth 1.36 billion yuan ($189.84 million).

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