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CHALCO Guizhou Branch


The Aluminum Corp of China (CHALCO) Guizhou branch, located in the Baiyun district of Guiyang, is one of China's Top 500 manufacturers


Guizhou Tyre Co Ltd


Founded in 1958, Guizhou Tire Co Ltd (贵州轮胎股份有限公司) is one of the top 10 tire corporations in China.


Guizhou Jinyuan Group


Jinyuan was registered on Nov 6, 2000, with 600 million yuan ($98 million). It was restructured into a shareholder system in 2002 under the approval of the Guizhou provincial government. The company expanded its registered capital by 1.4 billion yuan and 3 billion yuan in 2005 and 2008, respectively.


China Tobacco Guizhou Industry Co


The company was approved by China National Tobacco Corp and restructured into a shareholder system on July 1, 2008.


China National Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group)


Established in 1964, the group mainly produces aircrafts, engines, autos and auto parts.


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