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Guizhou to boost service industry by 2025


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently released an action plan to expand effective investment in 2021-23, setting a main target of investing 165 billion yuan ($25.9 billion) in the service industry during that period.


Solar power sector shines brightly in Guizhou


After the first power station began operating successfully in Weining county in 2015, Guizhou started to develop its photovoltaic generation sector in earnest and it is now going from strength to strength.


Guizhou province's chili pepper crop continues to grow


By the end of July, Southwest China's Guizhou province had planted 5.72 million mu (381,000 hectares) of chili pepper in the current year, with an output volume of 2.43 million metric tons and an output value of 9.07 billion yuan ($1.4 billion).


Guizhou launches raft of policies to boost tourism


The Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently launched 13 policies and measures to promote the region's tourism sector, according to local media reports.


Guizhou to develop medicinal herb industry


Guizhou province, one of the top four production areas of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, is committed to developing a"customized herb park".


Guizhou promotes new industrialization model


The Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently launched 18 measures to promote the development of leading industries, cultivate major enterprises, construct industrial chains, build industrial parks, ensure economic growth, and achieve sustainable and low-carbon development.


Guizhou sees boom in plantations for featured forestry industries


From January to May of this year, Southwest China's Guizhou province built 1.53 million mu (102,153.33 hectares) of plantations for bamboo, tea-oil trees, Sichuan peppers, and Chinese honeylocust fruits, which were listed as "featured forestry industries" in 2020.


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