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Big data to determine environmental policy in Wudang


Guiyang has appointed Wudang district as a pilot zone to test out the application of big data in improving its environment.

Scenery of Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou


Photo taken on June 2, 2016 shows the scenery of Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province. The forest coverage rate of Guiyang has surpassed 45 percent.

Ancient town site tells old stories


The spectacular ancient ruins of Hailong town are a sight to behold.

Guizhou's Kaili city gets tourism boost from Beijing


Guizhou province's Kaili city signed agreements in Beijing in late May to boost tourism.

Rural tourism ready to soar in SW China


Officials in Anshun pledged to push for rural tourism growth at the third session of the Anshun Tourism Industry Development Conference.

SW China city uses big data for smart policing


One year after the adoption of big data technology to support policing, police in southwestern Chinese of Guiyang has seen a 50 percent drop in traffic-related cases.

Guizhou's evolution a source of pride


I was born in Guizhou, so I've often heard the old saying about my home province: "Sunshine lasting no more than three days and flat lands lasting no more than three miles".

Premier urges integration of real and virtual worlds


Premier Li Keqiang said China should build "dual engines" that couple innovative concepts, such as big data, and the craftsmanship of traditional industries for its economy when he attended the big data expo in Guiyang last week.

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